Re: howto compile static gtk app?


On Wed, 09 Mar 2005 11:22:50 +0100, Yang Hong wrote:
> I wan to compile a static gtk app, then it can run in a everiment
> without gtk libs.

It is depends if you really want just GTK or if you use also other parts of the
Gnome framework. Gnome in general is not usable for 'static builds' without
patches. Not sure if the following patches are still valid these days:

Patches for standalone static application builds are required for:
	gconf2: no daemon dependency
	fontconfig: Makefile modifications for static builds
	gtk2: fix compilation without Xft
	pango: no external config files + fonts dependency
	glibc (no Gnome): "compat" NSS fix for --enable-static-nss
Just static and/or feature-removed custom rebuilds are required for:
	atk, gnomevfs2, libgnome, libgnomecanvas, libgnomeui, openssl

GNU/Linux really is not suitable for end-user applications as long as you do
not stick to a single release of a single GNU/Linux distribution vendor.


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