Re: g_file_write()

On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 00:21 +0100, Soeren Sandmann wrote:
> > Should it do the atomic write thing? (write to a temporary file
> > alongside the new file, then rename() to the final filename)
> > 
> > The minus is that you need double the size of the file to write it, but
> > the plus is that you aren't screwed if you run out of disk space mid-
> > overwrite.
> I think it makes sense to do the atomic write. Here is a new patch
> that does that. It also uses the g_* versions where appropriate and
> hopefully doesn't leak.
> Patch is attached and also available at 

Nice job :)

I really like to see file write operations on glib, but I don't know if
the function's name is the best to use.

It seems that g_file_write should be something like the write()
function, so you can get an file descriptor with g_fopen() and write to

May be g_fwrite() is also needed to diferentiate it from g_file_write
() ?

It'll give users the ability to write to the file (descriptor) in the
same way they used the write() function, so it can be used in loops with
no need of filling memory to get the whole buffer to write to the file.

The current patch will be memory hungry on really large files, as the
buffer should be the entire file on memory.

Just my 2 cents.

Iago Rubio

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