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Its a pitty that non of the maintainers replied. I assume that the point I asked for clarification are all bugs. I've now posted the first two to bugzilla. I reask someone to comment on number three as I feel that this is some misunderstanding of the API, but don't find how to do it.


Stefan Kost wrote:

here is an example screenshot:

1.) I have make one cell higher (e.g. the one in the first column) to make to top and bottom line of the square focus mark visible. Problem is, I don't really know the height. Mean something is reporting back the wrong height.

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2.) I would like the focusmark to fill the cellspace. It is the whole cell that has the focus and not just the part the is filled with text.

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3.) I can't get the first and last column to not getting focused. They're mode is INERT. Still I can use the cursor keys to focus it.

Am I just don't gte it, are these bugs or just unimplemented features?
If some of these should go to bugzilla, please anyone confirm and I do that. I'll also see if I can fix it.


Stefan Kost <ensonic hora-obscura de> writes:

I've already narrowed this a little further - its in gtktreeview.c (3801)

     /* draw the big row-spanning focus rectangle, if needed */
     if (!has_special_cell && node == cursor &&
     GTK_WIDGET_HAS_FOCUS (widget))

Any idea how to change/extend this to allow different behaviours, like:

The key here is the '!has_special_cell'.  Since there are no special
cells in that row (where special is 'activatable' or 'editable'),
there's no need to focus individual cells.  I'm pretty sure confident
that this is the right behavior -- why do you expect something different


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