Compilation speed on Windows (was: Re: GTK+ for Windows MSVCRT dependency?)

On Tue, 15 Feb 2005, Tor Lillqvist wrote:

> Yes. I am tempted to start cross-compiling from Linux to Windows
> myself some day, it should be much faster. (I would presumably do it
> using vmware.) The Cygwin Unix emulation used by the autotools and
> especially libtool is speed killer.

I've done some work on a quick and dirty caching solution for libtool 1.5
when compiling on Cygwin, libtool-cache. It is still beta quality and
there are probably bugs left, but it works well for me when building
glib/pango/atk/gtk+ and GIMP. Check it out at:

At least on my machine it is possible to improve the speed of
/usr/bin/install (on Windows XP and Cygwin), see:

All feedback is appreciated.


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