gtk tutorial section on unix signals


I would like to write a section for the GTK tutorial that covers
that unix signals, how to catch and process them.

Before I spend too much time I would like to ask on this list:

- Do you think this is a good idea? 

- Where should I post the example code for discussion, here or on
  the gtk-list? (I'am not at all a GTK expert.)

IMHO it makes sense to include unix signals in the tutorial,
because in a gtk application one has to do more than just calling
signal (set up a pipe, encode the signals to the pipe, register
the pipe in the event loop, ...)



PS. I posted this to gtk-doc-list the other day, but there
someone told me I should rather post here.


Hendrik Tews     Department of Theoretical Computer Science
                 Dresden University of Technology, Germany

e-mail:    	 tews tcs inf tu-dresden de

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