Re: libglade replacement for gtk+ 2.8 [SNEAK PREVIEW]

Johan Dahlin wrote:

* GObject Serialisation

At some point GObject is going to support serialisation and that we
should be prepared to support that.
Currently the only state available through introspection of a GObject
are the properties.

On the subject of serialisation, there are some objects in GTK that can be entirely described by their properties, but the current property introspection interface doesn't provide enough information to serialise them. With some objects, there are dependencies between the properties.

For example, consider the "group" and "active" properties of GtkRadioButton. You want to set "group" to another radio button in the group, and "active" to false. If you set "group" first, things will work. If you set "active" first, it won't have any effect, since the radio button can't be inactive if it is the only member of the group.


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