Re: Copying unselectable text


Guillaume Chazarain <gfc altern org> writes:

> Thanks for your response, but it implies some work on the developper
> part which the latter may not think to do.  My point is to make this
> menu on every message and status bar, and I am sure I have missed
> other widgets where it makes sense.

Well, it doesn't make sense everywhere and it has drawbacks also. You
don't get this feature for free. A selectable label as well as a
widget that offers a popup menu needs to be able to receive mouse
events. Thus it needs an event window. I don't think that the
availability to copy any text from screen outweights the overhead such
a change would imply.

> For example if I want to report an error gimp told me in a dialog
> box, why should I type something that is already displayed on the
> screen. I should be able to copy it whether or not the developper
> thought about this possibility.

If there are any labels in GIMP that you think should be selectable
and aren't yet, please let the GIMP developers know about it. Feel
free to file a bug-report against gimp or bring it up on


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