Copying unselectable text


Currently when some text is displayed in a GtkLabel, a GtkStatusbar or
like that, there can be no interaction with this text. I think it would
be nice to add a
contextual menu with a "Copy" item to grab the text from the widget.

Consider this scenario :

- An application pops up a message dialog reporting a problem
- You want to send an e-mail to the maintainer about this message
- You'd like to copy/paste the content of  the message dialog.

I don't think this is possible now. I suggest that with a right-click on
the message text,
and choosing Copy, the text would be copied.

A problem I see, is that you may end up with a localized message that
the maintainer
may not understand, but I don't think it is that much a big problem.

Am I alone in liking that idea ?



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