Re: XChat seems to be ignoring the LGPL

On 10/09/04 17:11, Martyn Russell wrote:

As long as the object files are made available *somewhere* (perhaps on
the web site?) it shouldn't be a problem.
They *may* even be able to get away with only providing the object files
if requested (not sure about that one).
The LGPL section 6 gives them 5 options. Since they aren't distributing source code or object files with the program they haven't chosen option (a). They are using static linking so haven't chosen option (b). The object files/source code is not available from the xchat distribution site (they do have a source tarball, but it doesn't correspond to the Windows binary, since it doesn't include the registration key checking code).

That means that they would need to provide a written offer for the source code or object files with the binary, or ensure that the recipient already has them. If there is such an offer displayed during installation or in a file distributed with xchat (eg. a readme or license file), then he is not violating GTK's license.

It isn't enough to provide them on request without telling the recipient that they can request them.

What utilities they use in particular that should be shipped?
Only the source code or object files need be shipped/made available.


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