Re: XChat seems to be ignoring the LGPL

Well, yes, it is linked statically and doesn't have the object files to relink against a modified GTK+. This seems to be covered on the thread referenced in [2]. Also, utilities to link the object files with a modified GTK+ are missing.

Matthew W. S. Bell
On 09/09/04 18:51:11, Owen Taylor wrote:
On Mon, 2004-09-06 at 18:20, Matthew William Solloway Bell wrote:
> I'm just informing you that, from what I have seen, the 'Official'
> build of XChat for Windows v. 2.4.0[1] seems to be ignoring the
> on GTK. I'm not sure how important this is or even if I am correct.

> There is further information[2] on the forum[3]. Do with this
> information as you will :)

Unless XChat for Windows is being shipped:

 - Statically linked to GTK+
 - Without the object files to relink against a modified GTK+

Then there is no GTK+-related license issue. GTK+ is licensed under
the LGPL, not the GPL, precisely so that it can be used in
applications under all sorts of licensing terms.

Any other questions are up to Peter Zelezny to sort out with xchat


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