Re: Clipboard improvements, II

At 05:19 25.05.04, John Ehresman wrote:
James Henstridge wrote:
An image or vector diagram can be represented as binary data, so transferring it as a selection is no more difficult than transferring text. It is just necessary for the two end points to agree on a target name.

I think the question is whether there are standard image and vector graphics formats on X11 that programs use to copy data via the clipboard. There are standard formats for image data under Windows, so if there were standard formats for gtk programs, converters could be written
Exactly :-)

(I'm less sure of what the vector format story is).

On windows this is WMF/EMF, on X this may be SVG some day ...

It's similar to how text is handled -- gtk represents (most) text as utf8 and Windows NT uses 16bit wide characters so text is often converted from one to the other when it is read from or written to the clipboard.

My point is that Mozilla uses the OLE clipboard, which is quite similar to the X clipboard

The challenge is to integrate either the OLE clipboard or delayed rendering using the lower level win32 clipboard api with the gtk mainloop. It can be done, but there hasn't been much need to do so. Maybe there will be more interest once it's easier to write applications that cut & paste pixmaps because they require more memory.

Thanks for rephrasing, this is exactly my point :-)



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