Re: Clipboard improvements, II

At 15:21 20.05.04, Matthias Clasen wrote

Basically, thats the idea behind wait_for_exit_cleanup(), but the
general feeling on xdg-list was that it is better to have the clipboard
manager deal with the "user interaction" aspects, so apps should just
always call wait_for_exit_cleanup(), and the clipboard manager will
decide whether to ask the user before saving the contents.

This is interesting. So to make it work on win32 one needs to implement an additional 'clipboard manager' ? [Or just leave it as it is now, where the content is rendered on 'advertize' , i.e. no delayed rendering. And give wait_for_exit_cleanup() an empty implementation ?]

> If my understanding is right, it certainly should be implementable on
> win32, although the current code in gdk/win32 does not make use of delayed
> rendering - following the comment cause of implementation problems - maybe
> related to the differences in clipboard owner models (already tried to get
> some comment from X experts in my previous mail on the subject, but
> apparently failed ;)

Did my comments above help ?

Yeah, thanks - at least now I'm more confident that I understand how it is supposed to work ;-)

> Now for my questions : all this dealing with GTK Clipboard improveents is
> still restricted to plain text, right ?
> Wouldn't it be feasible to extend the API while on it to at least have
> something like QClipboard::setImage(), i.e. gtk_clipboard_set_image() and
> gtk_clipboard_get_image(). Or is what QT does so far away from a standard,
> that it shouldn't be considered for GTK ?

Apps are free to advertise whatever targets they want on the clipboard.
What we may be missing is convenience api on par with
gtk_clipboard_set_text(), gtk_clipboard_request_text() for nontextual

Certainly. I've searched quite some time to find _any_ gtk application which is able to copy&paste more than just text - across process boundaries. If anybody knows one please speak up ;-)

> Oh, and while on the subject of IMO real clipboard improments, could
> something  be done to also support vector data ? Maybe stuff in SVG from
> the cross platform application [GIMP and Dia spring to my mind, but there
> are obviously more] and silently convert it to WMF/EMF on demand within the
> gdk/win32 backend - and do what ever is appropriate for X11 ?

In the X clipboard model, conversion is generally done on the sender
side, ie the clipboard owner advertises the content in all targets that
it knows how to convert it to.

Wasn't part of the clipboard improvement discussion to actually make it work - a little like it does on Mac OS and Windoze for years ? What I'm proposing is not to drop X clipboard model (how could I?) but doing the required conversion within Gtk/Gdk - still on the sender side, but appropriately hidden from the user of a cross platform api ...


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