Re: [pygtk] Installation problems win32

muppet writes:
 > since gtk+ 2.x guarantees backward compatibility in the 2.x series,

Remember that there are some optional parts when compiling GTK+ for
Windows: Wintab (the extended input device API, i.e. for tablets), and
the Active IMM (for Input Method support on Win9x and NT4). Also, if
you build it with an oldish version of MSVC, multi-monitor support
won't be compiled in. There might be other compile-time options that I
can't recall right now.

Not necessarily everyone who builds a GTK distribution considers these
important ("hey, it works for me"), and then if that distribution is
installed by a user who actually needs the functionality, she will be

Another thing is i18n. Can one be sure that everybody who builds a
GTK, GLib etc distribution cares to include the message catalogs? Some
people probably consider them useless baggage...


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