RE: notebook widget (#72101)

On Fri, 2003-09-26 at 05:51, anthony taranto wrote:
> > And a subclassed Notebook in libegg would get a lot more testing than a
> > patch for GTK+.
> i find the subclass idea appealing because a GnomeNotebook could be set
> through gconf, so all my tabbed gnome programs could have the same close
> boxes (or not have them) and the same dragging behavoir (or no dragging
> behavoir), etc.

GnomeNotebook not good. We can propagate gconf to GTK just fine, we
already do it in several cases (such as double click time). Trying to
get rid of libgnomeui bloat.

If you do a subclass it should be as someone else suggested, a "document
manager"/MDI sort of widget probably that uses notebook internally.
But however you do it the target should be GTK.

This probably interacts with the "main window widget"/"dock" TODO items
in the plan.


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