The new ComboBox hit CVS HEAD.

As the subject says. Some notes:

- Only GtkComboBox and GtkComboBoxEntry are to be used in public,
GtkCellView and GtkCellViewMenuItem are private widgets used by the
combo box implementation.

- I promise I will write documentation for all of my new code soon, this
includes the filter model, completion code and the combo box. I will
also get back to treeview now.

- The list/windows style looks short of stupid without
selection-follows-mouse in GtkTreeView. So I will soon write a
selection-follows-mouse patch for GtkTreeView.

- Right now, in the menu/unix style, the menu pops up below the
"button". Do we prefer this, or do we want "popup with the last selected
item below the cursor" (like the current optionmenu does)? UI people
might consider this a rhetoric question.

- Soon I will memprof/valgrind everything.

- The combo/ and combo-old/ directories will probably be soon removed
from libegg.

That is all (I think).



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