RE: notebook widget (#72101)

> And a subclassed Notebook in libegg would get a lot more testing than a
> patch for GTK+.

i find the subclass idea appealing because a GnomeNotebook could be set
through gconf, so all my tabbed gnome programs could have the same close
boxes (or not have them) and the same dragging behavoir (or no dragging
behavoir), etc.

adding close boxes (or whatever other desired notebook feature) to
gtknotebook isn't hugely productive in my mind. you don't gain any
measure of consistency, and gtknotebook.c becomes even more creaky.

also, the choice will be clear to developers as to whether they want the
basic notebook tabs, or if they want blinking lights, rainbow colored
tab labels and animated close buttons.

but, i'm interested in where others think the bells and whistles belong.


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