Re: OpenGL support in GTK+

At 24 Sep 2003 13:19:51 +0200,
Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> Naofumi Yasufuku <naofumi yasufuku net> writes:
> > I think it is not realistic that all GUI components are drawn using
> > OpenGL drawing primitives...
> > 
> > (However, it may be nice to treat GUI components as texture and
> > composite into a top-level window using OpenGL (like Apple's Quartz
> > Extreme treats all windows as texture). Though it sounds an ambitious
> > attempt, I think it is not impossible. Double-buffered GTK+ widgets
> > are drawn on off-screen pixmap, then the pixmap is drawn on window.
> > Anyway, it is beyond the scope of this thread.)
> This is basically what GTK+-DirectFB is doing. No OpenGL API is used
> but all windows are double-buffered and the window stack is composited
> using the texture mapping unit of your graphics card (or whatever fits
> best for this job). But yes, this is beyond the scope of this thread.

Yes. I know DirectFB's great work.
I think similar thing might be possible in GTK+ app window on normal
X Window System by integrating OpenGL into GDK...


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