Re: OpenGL support in GTK+


Naofumi Yasufuku <naofumi yasufuku net> writes:

> I think it is not realistic that all GUI components are drawn using
> OpenGL drawing primitives...
> (However, it may be nice to treat GUI components as texture and
> composite into a top-level window using OpenGL (like Apple's Quartz
> Extreme treats all windows as texture). Though it sounds an ambitious
> attempt, I think it is not impossible. Double-buffered GTK+ widgets
> are drawn on off-screen pixmap, then the pixmap is drawn on window.
> Anyway, it is beyond the scope of this thread.)

This is basically what GTK+-DirectFB is doing. No OpenGL API is used
but all windows are double-buffered and the window stack is composited
using the texture mapping unit of your graphics card (or whatever fits
best for this job). But yes, this is beyond the scope of this thread.


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