Re: A new type of pango underlining for underlining errors

> General comments - 
>  - should the underline be called something like UNDERLINE_ERROR to 
>    reflect that it's not just wavy but red, and generally supposed to 
>    indicate an error (what do Java/WinForms name this kind of 
>    underline?)

Sure, no problem. If everyone agrees with this I'll change the name.

>  - it looks like it's only red in the textview; maybe it needs to 
>    be red everywhere?

Actually, I'm not so sure it should be hard-coded to "red", that's why I
forced the color only in the gtktextview, since that's probably where
it's most likely to be used, and "red" seems an acceptable default for

But maybe the style should provide the GC ?

> One detail - 
>  - should use gdk_gc_set_rgb_fg_color() instead of allocating the color

Thanks. Will fix.

Should I send my patches here or to the corresponding bugzilla entry
(114237) ?


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