Re: A few problems with GtkFileChooser

On Mon, 2003-11-17 at 19:23, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Do you have a cut-and-paste of EggToolbar in your application 
> or something? I can't really figure out why you would get this.

Ah, yes. I do.

> > This seems to come from the bookmarks section of the widget. It tries to
> > add /home/iain/Desktop to the bookmarks but can't find that directory
> > (because it doesn't exist) and then it tries to display an error message
> > about it. This fails because the filechooserwidget hasn't been added to
> > the dialog yet and so the warnings are dumped.
> File a bug; it's just a bug.

Will do, I just wasn't sure where you were wanting bugs about the
indevelopment stuff to go.

> > 2: gtk_file_chooser_set_current_path doesn't seem to do anything.
> Hmm, is this with current CVS? I thought this should be fixed now.
> (The bookmark list was getting the focus, which selected the first item,
> and thus always changed to the homedir when the widget was mapped.)

It was with the recent CVS when I wrote it, I'll update tomorrow and
check, and if its still broken, I'll file a bug.

> I think the Up button there was just a quick hack that federico threw
> in because I told him that nobody was going to test the filechooser out
> if there was no way to go up. I'm not sure what the long-term plan is -
> whether the toolbar will get moved, whether more stuff will get added
> to it, etc.

Fair enough I guess.

> > 5: It doesn't seem to come with a decent default size. When the dialog
> > is opened and hasn't had a size set manually, the file list on the right
> > is completely hidden.
> This is a really hard one :-(   I think largely the solution is to have:
>  - A default remembered file selector size remembered across all apps
>  - The possibility for an app to get it's file selector size
>    remembered separately (because once you add previews, extra widgets,
>    etc, the default remembered size may well not apply.)
> I don't know where in the stack that remembering should be going on.
> Should we be setting an appropriate class/role to allow the window
> manager to remember things? Doing it all ourselves?

I dunno either, but in my experience, windows managers suck ass at
remembering window size, so I'd go for the do it all ourselves route :/

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