Re: A few problems with GtkFileChooser

On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 15:18, Dave Malcolm wrote:

> Perhaps we need to always list folders; attached is a patch to the
> default widget's list model filter which does this (plus a bit of
> useless debug code as I track down my MIME issues).

I personally don't see any reason why we shouldn't always show

While on a similar topic, another issue I've come up against since I
sent the first email is the Preview frame. It might be nice to not set
anything around the widgets at all, and allow the programmer to put
their own border around it if they wish. My case is that "Preview" isn't
the best word to describe what goes in there, and I don't really like
having a border around it anyway, it seems to clutter it all up.

"Laws are like cobwebs; strong enough to detain only the weak, and too
weak to hold the strong" - Anacharsis

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