Re: 2.3.1; traveling; request for bug help

First off, please don't ignore my kerning help request.

Second (bug #114237), the best underlining patch so far for this would
have to be the one referenced in:

I had another one that offered word underlining so applications didn't
have to turn off underlining whenever they encountered white space.

If, Nicolas Setton, the author the patch mentioned above would like, I
can take his latest version (preferably against 1.3.x of Pango) and my
rework of Damon Chaplin patch (which was the one I posted) and work them
together.  This would be a good thing.

I only ask that those involved get things to me by Monday so I can get a
patch in.  I will be very busy starting next Thursday for around 3
weeks, though I will try to stay in touch and do fix-ups to this code as
needed.  I had one request to fix underlining on some fixed space fonts
in Pango, I will not have time until mid-December.  This request for
expedited help applies to my help needed with kerning as well.

Third, wishlist, odd shaped Layout areas.  Thing of anything but a box,
say circles, odd polygons, etc.  This is needed for DTP (and so is my
above mentioned word underlining and kerning).

Thank you, good luck.

"I conceive that a great part of the miseries of mankind are brought
upon them by the false estimates they have made of the value of things."
-- Benjamin Franklin

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