Re: GEP 6: Toolbar

Daniel Egger wrote:

  2. use a different toolbar style, such as "icons only", or the
     proposed "priority text" style.

You must be kidding. I'm not talking about me having problems with
menus but general usability issues which should be taken seriously.
If some translation (or worse: the original text) doesn't even fit
into my non-standard 1152px wide screen this is definitely a problem
for many users, especially with smaller screens or larger fonts. I
can also imagine that this might be an accessibility issue but obviously
am not the right person to comment on that.
The default toolbar style (icon with text label below) takes up a fair amount of space, and only the both_horiz style takes up more horizontal space. As all the buttons are set to homogeneous size (having all the toolbar buttons at different sizes looks pretty bad), one long label can make a toolbar unusable.

This is why I was suggesting that you try a different toolbar style. The purpose of most toolbar buttons should be obvious from their icon, in which case icons only mode works well. The "priority text" style, which can be used to make some of the non obvious items more obvious, or make frequently used items easier to hit. I didn't mean it as a joke. Whether the default toolbar style should be changed is outside the scope of this GEP though.

The overflow section of the GEP recognises that there _will_ be cases where a toolbar overflows (small screen, user resizes window, large fonts in use, bad application with too many toolbar items, etc), and it should be handled gracefully. We don't want to be in a situation where the window can't be resized to fit on the screen.


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