Re: GEP 6: Toolbar

Daniel Egger wrote:

Am Don, 2002-09-12 um 15.26 schrieb James Henstridge:

Two methods of presenting the additional toolbar items include:

   * The |BonoboUIToolbar| method, which pops up a panel containing the
     extra toolbar items.
   * The method used on Qt, Windows and Mac OS X, where a menu is
     popped up that contains menu items representing the extra items.

Personally I'd like to see a third option:
* Wrap toolbars at the end of space and move remaining items into
 another row/column.

Especially with configurable toolbars this feature would be sort of
handy. And honestly I dislike the idea of information being hidden
because we run out of space. Especially hiding widgets by priority
could confuse users because suddenly items are lost when using a
different display, chaging resolution, font, etc.

Problem with this is that GTK+ doesn't handle the height-for-width style geometry management (ie. make the widget taller as you reduce its width, or vice versa).

On this particular issue, I think there is value in providing a UI that is consistent with what Windows, OS X and Qt do.

"Hrm, I swear the button was there yesterday...."

That is a reason why moving intermediate buttons to the overflow menu might not be a great idea ...


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