Rendering with xft and hinting

I just installed the Bitstream Cyberbit fonts and was surprised to see
that the rendering has terrible hinting within xft. I then compared it
between the following three different backends:

Here are the three results:

   pango-xft.png - testtext within with GDK_USE_XFT turned on. The hinting
                   is totally off.

   pangoft2topgm.png - The output of the same text from pangoft2topgm.
                   The result looks better, but the vowel lines still look
                   to thin.

   ft2outlines-with-gs - The output of the same converted to outlines
                   by paps and rendered with gs. In my opinion this 
                   is the most pleasent output.

Why does the output look so bad in xft? Will xft2 solve the hinting 
problem, so that the rendering will at least look is with the ft2


PNG image

PNG image

PNG image

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