RE: GTK+-2.x planning


My reasons for this may be misguided but I think they are valid. First, I
have a dream of being able to use GTK+ as a cross platform toolkit to write
apps on Unix, Windows, and Linux, in that priority. I would prefer not to
use native dialog boxes, especially on the Unix side since I don't
necessarily know what desktop environment will be available and may or may
not be able to specify. This could be feasible, however, given a bit of
extra effort on my part.
Second, most of the multiplatform GUI toolkits that are production grade
have, at least, a standard dialog box for printer selection/configuration.
In this area, I think we would simply be playing catch up.
Last, standard dialogs could contribute to a more consistent look and feel
for GTK+ apps, which is quite important to commercial users, especially
among applications running on the same platform. If everyone comes up with
their own, this consistency is lost.

Just my rambling thoughts on the subject and certainly only my opinion.



"Sven Neumann" <neo bender convergence de> writes
> Hi,
> "David L. Cooper II" <cooperdl worldnet att net> writes:
> > I agree that we need to consider adding some stop gap support
> for printing.
> >
> > I believe this effort should also include a standard printer selection
> > dialog (and maybe a separate page layout dialog). Or is that stating the
> > obvious?
> if you ask me, any form of printing support is way out of the GTK+ realm.
> Leave that to the people that already work on it and provide them with
> a nice and powerful GUI toolkit.
> Salut, Sven

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