Re: GTK+-2.0.0 release notes

Osku Salerma <osku iki fi> writes: 
> This has to be one of the most braindead moves in the history of the
> world. Now we're disabling emacs keybindings from 99% of the linux
> desktops of the world because windows users aren't used to it? I don't 
> understand the argument, what do they care if ctrl+a and ctrl+e do,
> they can use home/end and never know there are other, more
> ergonomical/faster ways available too.
> Even qt in its windows version has ctrl+a and ctrl+e, for christ's
> sake. Considering the professionalism of qt's windows-version I think
> they would have removed those if users had complained too loudly about
> them, but apparently no one has.
> I don't want to live in a world where qt in windows has emacs
> keybindings and gtk in linux doesn't. Please revert this change.

So basically you're saying no Windows users should care about
keybindings they are used to, while simultaneously pitching a tantrum
about keybindings you are used to?


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