Re: Setting the window icon (under Win32)

Under windows, you have to create an .ico and .rc file and then compile
the .rc file into a .o file with windres.

Basically, all your .rc file says is

[name of icon] ICON "[name of file]"

The GDK will look for the first icon in your program and assign that icon
to all of your windows.  Not the best thing, but it's better than nothing
right now.


On 2 Mar 2002, Martyn Russell wrote:

> I have managed to use the gdk_window_set_icon function successfully
> using gtk 1.2.10 under Redhat 7.2.  However, when I check the same code
> out to my WindowsNT box to see if it works correctly, it doesnt.  I am
> using the Gtk 1.3 libs available from the gimp web site.  Has this been
> implemented under windows yet or am I doing something wrong?
> Regards,
> Martyn Russell
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