Re: Setting the window icon (under Win32)

Martyn Russell writes:
 > That doesnt make sence... why would they ONLY draw when there is NO icon
 > to draw??  

If you set the hIcon of the window class, Windows takes care of
drawing the icon. But if that field is NULL, Windows asks the
application to draw the icon. (If I understand correctly.)

 > From my limited experience of windows, setting the icon only
 > requires a hWnd (handle to the window) and a hIcon (handle to the icon)
 > the rest is handled by windows.

Umm, I think you remember wrong? AFAIK, icons are associated with
window classes, not windows? (But if you use one window class per
(top-level) window, the difference is academic.) I don't think there
is any API to set a window's icon, but please tell me if I am wrong.

 > I have done some coding to set icons under windows and it is relatively
 > simple to do, Im unsure as to why this is difficult to do, maybe i need
 > to see the code to understand it better.

Please do, and send in patches...


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