Re: broken accelerator changes


I'm already having to massively hack around the accel thing because it
doesn't work right for gconf apps; all the other settings in the new
gnome-terminal propagate across all gnome-terminal processes, but 
the accel changes do not. So I'm needing to write a whole bunch of
code to hook it up to gconf instead of saving to a file so I can keep 
the in-place accel editing working while still offering a nice dialog
UI for changing accels that applies across all app instances.

With the new menu API we want to see for 2.2 or 2.4, we'll be able to
offer a generic KeyEditor widget either in GTK or in libgnomeui, that
will be based on TreeView. This will automatically cover all menu
items for all apps using the new menu API since it will let you change
the accels for any of the "actions" as in jhmenu. That's the right
solution to this problem.

I don't agree that disabled by default means no one will find the
feature. When using GNOME it can be in a control panel or gconf key
somewhere, like other GTK settings. Old school users are already going
to have to learn to configure GTK in order to enable their Emacs key
theme. And the people who really liked this feature will ask where it
went and be told how to turn it on.

Do any GIMP users actually find this feature on their own? I doubt
it. I bet 95% of the time someone has to tell them about the feature
before they use it. So now when someone tells them about it, they also
have to tell them how to turn it on.

But bottom line: GNOME UI team wants it off so gnome-settings-daemon
will disable it via XSetting probably, and I can tell you it is going
to be off in the Red Hat RPMs. So it is going to be off for a whole
lot of desktop users regardless of what GTK does. The only people who
will get burned by the GTK defaults are people on GTK/win32, people
writing embedded or kiosk sort of applications, etc. - and these are
the kind of people that usually write to gtk-list and think this
feature is a bug.


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