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Vitaly Tishkov wrote:


Thanks for help. Probably it's a stupid question (I'm not a gtk+ developer
though, I'm a tester), but what is head branch of gtk+? I use the one located at (export CVSROOT=':pserver:anonymous anoncvs gnome org:/cvs/gnome',
etc...) Is that correct branch?
With CVS, you can have multiple concurrent branches of development hosted at the same repository. If you want to check what branch you are on, run the following commands:

   cd gtk+
   cvs status ChangeLog

In particular, you want to look at the "Sticky Tag" line. If you are using the gtk-2-0 branch, it should read something like "gtk-2-0 (branch: 1.3338.2)". If you are using the HEAD branch, it should read "(none)". If you have a checkout of the HEAD branch, run the following command:

   cvs update -r gtk-2-0 .

from the gtk+ directory. Similarly, you want the glib-2-0 branch of glib, and the pango-1-0 branch of pango.


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