Building GTK+ 2 on Win32 Woes


Our company is looking at rewriting a piece of Java code and are
interested in using GTK+.  I'm happy with this as I love GTK+... but it
also needs to run on Windows.  Fair enough -- GTK+ is portable I said.
But now I can't build it...

I'm starting at the beginning -- pkg-config.  If I type "./configure"
configure decides that I am not Win32, MinGW or Cygwin despite the fact
that I am blatantly typing into a Windows 2000 terminal with Cygwin and
MinGW installed.  There is a readme inside pkg-config which says there
are hand-crafted makefiles for Windows but I cannot find them!  I'm
really disappointed that Garnome is not Win32-friendly... :)

Is there an install guide for installing gtk+ 2.0.2 on Win32 using
MinGW?  If not I'll probably write one if I manage to get Hello World

If anyone has any ideas -- please mail the list or chat on IRC -- i'm
'ross' on and normally in #gnome.

Thanks for any help,
Ross Burton
Ross Burton                                 mail: ross burtonini com
                                       jabber: rossburton jabber org
 PGP Fingerprint: 1A21 F5B0 D8D0 CFE3 81D4 E25A 2D09 E447 D0B4 33DF

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