Re: Building GTK+ 2 on Win32 Woes

Ross Burton <ross burtonini com> writes:

> Our company is looking at rewriting a piece of Java code and are
> interested in using GTK+.  I'm happy with this as I love GTK+... but it
> also needs to run on Windows.  Fair enough -- GTK+ is portable I said.
> But now I can't build it...

Well, the easiest thing to do is certainly to install Tor's prebuilt
packages and use them. (Even if going from source, it's probably best to
use the prebuilt packages for dependencies like the image libraries,
gettext, pkg-config.)
> I'm starting at the beginning -- pkg-config.  If I type "./configure"
> configure decides that I am not Win32, MinGW or Cygwin despite the fact
> that I am blatantly typing into a Windows 2000 terminal with Cygwin and
> MinGW installed.  There is a readme inside pkg-config which says there
> are hand-crafted makefiles for Windows but I cannot find them!  I'm
> really disappointed that Garnome is not Win32-friendly... :)
> Is there an install guide for installing gtk+ 2.0.2 on Win32 using
> MinGW?  If not I'll probably write one if I manage to get Hello World
> working...

That would be wonderful :-)

There are various tricks you need ... e.g., you should set up
the cygwin mounts so that the GTK+ libraries have the same location
inside and outside of cygwin.... myself I didn't get beyond glib
in an attempt to get things built, but that was probably because
of lack of persistance.


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