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Should GtkDialog hook Escape to stop buttons in addition to cancel?

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I am trying to make gsearchtool accessible. I have few suggestions on
functionality. Please comment on the same.

a) In MS Windows file search, when the search is underway, pressing Esc
stops the 
   search. I feel this is a very good feature. In gsearchtool, when the
search is
   underway, only way to stop the search is to click the stop button.
Can we follow
   MS Windows and have 'Esc' to stop the search.??

b) On the advanced search page, when the user types-in something to
search for, 
   only way to start the search is to click on the 'Find' button. I feel
   it is easier for the user to press Enter/Return to start the search,
   he/she finishes typing-in the values. Can we provide this.?? 
   This feature has already been provided on the simple search page.
   I have implemented these two features and they seem to be working. 
   What I want to know is, are there any side effects in having the 
   above mentioned features in gsearchtool.?? Am I overlooking

Thanks and regards,
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