Re: gtk-all tarball, pkg-config changes to allow giant tarballs

On 17 May 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Raja R Harinath <harinath cs umn edu> writes:
> > > First, pkg-config will prefer the file foo-uninstalled.pc rather than
> > > foo.pc if you request the module 'foo'.
> >
> > This shouldn't be the default behaviour.  It is not inconcievable that
> > 'foo-uninstalled.pc' does get mistakenly installed somewhere.  Such
> > mistakes should not be compounded by such defaults.  There should be a
> > command line switch for this.
> The problem with this is that there are several dozen calls to
> pkg-config, and you need to add the switch to all of them.
> If we don't want it to be the default, one way is a
> PKG_CONFIG_ENABLE_UNINSTALLED env variable to be exported at the top
> of But I really don't think installing
> foo-uninstalled.pc will happen much - I mean, the file is called
> "uninstalled" - adding it to an inst target would be pretty
> boneheaded, quickly caught, and easy to fix. I just don't see much
> problem there.

Do you even need to worry about the -uninstalled.pc variants?  Would it be
enough to have dummy versions of glib-2.0.pc, etc in the base of this big
package, and set PKG_CONFIG_PATH so that these will be found before
possibly installed versions of the files?  (Setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH could
be done in the toplevel configure script before the module configure
scripts are called).  Wouldn't this be easier than hacking pkg-config?


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