Re: GtkTreeView Questions

> What if that statement *doesn't* apply equally to any application?  It
> may be that somebody wants to have file trees displayed with lines, but
> protocol dissections displayed without them.

I think the idea is that Gtk does not dictate policy; rather it should
provide enough "hooks" for a higher layer to customize. Maybe the Gtk
treeview should have all these options, which the GNOME libraries wrap to
create the "official" GNOME look for a treeview.

> (Of course, one Windows app I know of, Microsoft Network Monitor, solves
> this problem by, I suspect, using its own widget to display protocol
> dissection, rather than using the standard widget)

AFAIK *many* Microsoft apps re-implement variations of the standard widgets.
eg Office 2000 has its own code for pull-down menus (to incorporate the
"self re-arranging menu" mis-feature before it became a part of Windows =)


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