GtkTreeView Questions


I am just investigating the new TreeView widget.

Now I have some Questions:

1. At the moment the TreeModel is using Arrows to show if there is child
items in a parent node.
  IMHO. It also needs to draw lines to know wish is the parent item when
the child has been expanded.
  Is there any plan to draw lines the same way as the old GtkCTree (atleast
as an opinion)?


   +---  Child1
   |           +--> ChildToChild1
   +--- Child2
   +--- Child3

2. What are the plans with the keybindings in the treeview?
Something like this would be great:

Signal/Binding              default key:         description:
"expand_row"        "+" or "GDK_Space"       expands row

"collapse_row"       "-" or "GDK_Space"      collapse row                 

"activate"               GDK_Return                     Send this signal
when doubleclick/
pressing the keybinding on a row. 
Lots of application is using doubleclicks 
List Widgets to "open" something
(I.O. fileselectors/pictureviewers etc...)
															   That's why this signal
should be there ;-)   
																Else the user has to connect
to both 
get this to work....																

Just my....      :-)     



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