Re: GtkTreeView Questions

Guy Harris <gharris flashcom net> writes: 
> Doing it "the same way as the old GtkCTree" means it would *definitely*
> be an option; the GtkCTree can either draw the lines or not (and can
> draw them in any one of three styles).
> I'd definitely *not* want it to be required; in Ethereal, for example, I
> personally would find the lines distracting (the user can configure, in
> Ethereal, whether they want no lines, solid lines, dotted lines, or
> tabbed lines, those being the four options a GtkCTree offets, and the
> default is "no lines").

If there are lines, it will probably be a theme option rather than a
programmer option; the expander style is already a theme option for
TreeView. Lines would only be a programmer option if someone can come
up with a reason why some apps legitimately would want them and others
not, other than aesthetic preference of the app author.


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