Re: Patch For Approval

Tim Janik <timj gtk org> writes:

> > In the HEAD branch, it appears as G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT in the code.
> > 
> > I don't know why you would read the code for gmain.c in the glib-1-2
> > branch...
> 1.2.x code will be read for quite some time. in fact, most developers
> prefer to read the code that they're developing against, rather than
> some newer, unstable version thereof. in that consens, federicos argument
> makes perfect sense, and i'm not quite sure how JP Rosevear could
> have made the original patch submission without actually _reading_
> 1.2 code, since there's no functional difference in using 0 over
> G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT that he could have run into.
> dropping these kind of patches only makes sense if the code branch they
> apply to is officially dead, like glib/gtk 1.0.x, but that's not the
> case for 1.2.x so the patch deserves application. i wonder how we could
> even argue that, the only thing that deserves special attention here is
> that these kind of patches (even if they were submitted against 1.0.x)
> get carried on into the development branch.

Well, I'm not going to spending a lot of effort fighting this patch,
if somebody really wants to apply it... after all, it has precisely
no effect after the preprocessor is run.

But, I think one of the keys to maintainence is making as few 
unecessary changes as possible. And I can't see that this is
a necessary change.  


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