Re: PATCH: Correct border size calculation for GtkMenuBar

Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com> writes:

> For a long time we have had the following patch in the Ximian package
> for GTK+.  It makes GtkMenuBar not add in any xthickness/ythickness to
> its size requisition and allocation when the menu bar's shadow type is
> Is it OK to commit?  I will also fix it for the HEAD branch.

This looks possibly like a positive change. 

It's clear that for the GNOME menu-in-a-"handlebox", you don't want
the extra thickness.

But what about the case where people turn off both the handlebox
and the shadow? 

It seems there will definitely be insufficient padding around the menu
in that case, but perhaps that is a less-serious visual deficiency.

See how it looks with the border and dock items turned off, and if it
doesn't look _too_ bad, please go ahead and commit this to stable and


[ I have a feeling that there is quite a bit of inconsistency in
  how GTK+ widgets handle a shadow of NONE. Leaving the Menu aside,
  I think some reserve space and some don't. ]

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