Re: anti-aliasing on gtk 1.2.10 using an ipaq or yopy screen

Around 0 o'clock on Aug 7, Michael L Torrie wrote:

> This is 90 degrees to what xrender is expecting on a normal lcd screen.
> Now if xrender coul be told what orientation to render the subpixels, we'd
> be fine.  (It'd also be nice to be able to natively rotate the screen in
> X).  I don't suppose that this could easily be solved in GDK, would it.

Xft.rgba: vrgb		# for yopy
Xft.rgba: vbgr		# for ipaq

Poorly rendered fonts are likely the result of a FreeType compiled without 
the TrueType interpreter -- try a more recent version of XFree86 for that 
machine; XFree86 includes freetype configured the right way.

keithp keithp com	 XFree86 Core Team		SuSE, Inc.

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