anti-aliasing on gtk 1.2.10 using an ipaq or yopy screen

I know everyone's working hard on gtk 2.0, but I was wondering if any
progress was made on the patching of gtk 1.2.10 to do aa fonts.  I'm using
gtk as my primary toolkit for app development on the yopy.  With aa fonts
and a tight, engine-base widget set, I believe I can get some quality apps
for linux for the ipaq or the yopy.  AA fonts would look very good,
especially with subpixel rendering (therein lies a small prob for the ipaq
and yopy, though).

I last tried a patch for gtk 1.2.10 that didn't work very well.  It
couldn't seem to render half of my ttf fonts, including arial.  (Probably
the fault of teh Xft engine, though).  Also, for proportional fonts, it
was horrible about calculating the metrics.  Hilighting text was really
crazy, with stuff moved all around.  I'm not sure who made the patch, but
I got it off the devel list here some months back.

The other problem (and perhaps the best place to attack this is in the xft
rendering engine itself) is that the yopy (and I presume the ipaq too)
doesn't have pixels that go rgbrgbrgb.  Instead they go:

This is 90 degrees to what xrender is expecting on a normal lcd screen.
Now if xrender coul be told what orientation to render the subpixels, we'd
be fine.  (It'd also be nice to be able to natively rotate the screen in
X).  I don't suppose that this could easily be solved in GDK, would it.

anyway, if anyone knows of any development on this patch, let me know.  Is
xrender stuff built into gtk 1.3(2.0)?  If so, I may consider beginning
using it.

anyway, thanks.


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