Re: Theming for outline expanders for GtkTreeView

Darin Adler <darin eazel com> writes:

> > >    - expander image prelit for both open and closed state

The tree used to prelight both nodes and expanders.  I was told that
prelighting nodes was confusing, and when I turned it off I apparently
turned off prelighting expanders as well.  Turning it back on should be

> > >    - flag to say whether lines are preferred or not

If the lines are important, I suppose we could add a call like
gtk_tree_view_set_lines_expander_hint to go along with the rules_hint
function.  Currently there's not a lot of code to draw it (and I'm not
100% sure how I'd do it themed) but it would not be too hard to add.

> on 4/20/01 11:12 AM, Havoc Pennington at hp redhat com wrote:
> > I think the #1 thing the Nautilus team could do at this point is to
> > rewrite the tree mode with GtkTreeView, and make all changes you need
> > to GtkTreeView (both with respect to this theming/appearance stuff and
> > also API/functionality-wise). This would give us a good torture test
> > for the widget and ensure you can use the stock functionality in the
> > future.
> I guess we'll do this when it's time to convert Nautilus to GNOME 2. But
> there's no good way to do this right now is there? I thought this was the
> topic at GUADEC when we decided to not convert applications until after
> libraries were done.
> Or maybe there is the GNOME 1 GtkTreeView that we should convert to? Maybe I
> just missed that. I guess we could convert the tree view and help view to
> use GtkTreeView as a "getting started on GNOME 2" exercise using the GNOME 1
> version.

Assuming that it's not too dependent on much, it would be good to port
the component to GtkTreeView (not as a component, mind you, but just in
a top level window.)  This would give us a good idea if GtkTreeView will
be good enough, and let us know what needs to be added to it.

> > [lecture about using stock functionality]
> If the stock stuff is good enough, we'll use it!

Help us make the stock stuff good enough!


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