Re: Theming for outline expanders for GtkTreeView

Darin Adler <darin eazel com> writes:
> I guess we'll do this when it's time to convert Nautilus to GNOME 2. But
> there's no good way to do this right now is there? I thought this was the
> topic at GUADEC when we decided to not convert applications until after
> libraries were done.

I think Seth said he was fooling with this? Maybe someone else.

Whoever was saying this told me that assuming the Bonobo 1/2 stuff is
interoperable (big if there I guess) you could in principle port a
view to GNOME 2 but not Nautilus...

> Or maybe there is the GNOME 1 GtkTreeView that we should convert to? Maybe I
> just missed that. I guess we could convert the tree view and help view to
> use GtkTreeView as a "getting started on GNOME 2" exercise using the GNOME 1
> version.

I imagine you could probably get a tree view running in some
standalone test app, something good enough to just be sure it does
what you need. I don't know that it would be easy.

I agree that porting all of Nautilus at the moment would be a bad

> > [lecture about using stock functionality]
> If the stock stuff is good enough, we'll use it!

That's why we want to be sure it's good enough - writing a widget that
really supports key navigation, input methods, themes, proper i18n
text display, uses user settings for keybindings, and all this fun
stuff is increasingly difficult, which puts the burden on GTK to
provide sufficient built-in functionality.


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