Re: how about changing our GDK's back-end architecture ?

"seongnam, oh" <seongnam tjssm co kr> writes:

> i am trieing to build your GTK+ 1.3.2 with Nano-X GDK.
> but i can't make a Library.
> then i analized your GDK back-end part.
> and only i get a compiled version, which is not still running.
> your source is not simple.
> then how about changing your GDK  back-end like libSDL's video ?
> and when i get a Nano-X supported GTK+2.0 source ?

The interaction of GTK+ with the windowing system is much more
complicated than the interaction of SDL with the underlying

Also, unlike SDL, GDK was not designed from the start to support
multiple backends. 

For these, reasons the architecture for porting GTK+ and GDK to
multiple windowing systems is necessarily a lot more complicated
than the way SDL works. While it could certainly be done a little
more cleanly than the way it is now, I think it fundamentally
has to be quite complicated.

And a major change to architecture is certainly not possible at this
late point in the development of GTK+-2.0.

However, the Nano-X port was done with a very early version of
GTK+-1.3.x; it might be easier to start over from scratch rather
than to fix up what is there.

Finally, GTK+-1.3.2 is very old, if you want to work on porting
GDK to nano-x, you should work with 1.3.4, or, even better,
the latest version from CVS.


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