Re: Portability and distribution with Gtk+ 1.3

Arnaud Charlet <charlet ACT-Europe FR> writes: 
> BTW, I guess nobody has really tried to build Gtk+ 1.3 on systems other
> than Linux (and possibly Windows since Tor has been doing changes frequently),
> or the build incantions are kept very secret, since we tried to build Gtk+ 1.3.3
> under Solaris and ended up with the following ugly set of commands, and
> we finally could not build Gtk+ because of xim issues (and using
> --dissable-xim didn't seem to help).

Oddly, it's impressively rare how often someone tries building things
on non-Linux. Either that or the non-Linux builders are really lame
about filing bug reports. I've had gcc-isms in GConf for months before
anyone reported them. Frequently unportabilities in GTK also go quite
some time before anyone notices.

If someone wants to send me a nice Sparc I might fix these things, but
until then we need patches and detailed reports from people who have
non-Linux systems. Portability bugs are inevitable unless people are
actually testing on diverse platforms.
Would be best for each individual portability issue to be a separate
bug report in bugzilla, ideally w/ a suggested fix that works for you.
Suggest putting the exact xim-related error messages in bugzilla, we
don't have a Solaris system to try things on and see what is going
wrong exactly, "something to do with xim" isn't good enough to fix
it. ;-)


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