Re: Portability and distribution with Gtk+ 1.3

> about filing bug reports. I've had gcc-isms in GConf for months before
> anyone reported them.

CFLAGS="-pedantic-errors" ought to catch those.

> If someone wants to send me a nice Sparc I might fix these things

Sun's compiler doesn't come with Solaris (you need to buy it
separately), and it doesn't really have any features to recommend it
over gcc, so most Sun users are probably building with gcc. And all the
BSDs use gcc. And ORBit almost never compiles unpatched without gcc, so
that adds additional gcc-selection pressure. So the fact that gcc-isms
go unreported doesn't mean that people are only building on Linux.

FTR, I didn't have much problem building gtk 1.3.x on Darwin, which is
pretty far out there as UNIXes go (but configure decided against
building the xim stuff so I dunno about that.)

-- Dan

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