Re: fun project!

Thus spake Havoc Pennington:
> Nils Barth <> writes: 
> > Er, what is the HEAD version? (never quite figured that out)
> It's the one you get by default, with no tags.

OIC -- thanks!

> > it unnecessary to change functions' local variables from
> > gint to gboolean, when appropriate? Is it okay if I do this?
> >
> Don't bother. Only stuff in the header files matters.
> > Also, sometimes the function prototypes aren't in the header file
> > (see gtkaccellabel.c for instance). Should they be moved to the
> > respective .h? If so, should I move them, as I'm there anyways?
> > 
> No no, the prototypes in the .c files are not part of the interface.

OK -- so this is just cleaning up the interface so it reports booleans
correctly, not general int -> boolean code cleaning pedantry.

So I just go through gtk/*.h, and every time I see a gint as a return
value/parameter value, I check .c to make sure it's appropriate
(doesn't only return/test for TRUE/FALSE), and if necessary change to
gboolean, respecting indentation.

I made a very few gint -> gboolean changes to static functions and local
variables; should I revert these back/start over, or are these changes okay?

Also, I suppose that GNU indent can't produce GTK format?

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