Re: fun project!

Thus spake Havoc Pennington:
> Nils Barth <> writes:
> > Do y'all want me to just make changes and commit, or post a patch?
> > Maybe just summarize changes?
> You should post a patch to this list. Be sure to do the work on the
> development version of gtk+, the HEAD version from CVS.

Er, what is the HEAD version? (never quite figured that out)
Is this a synonym for the GNOME CVS version, i.e., the kind I get from
$ cvs login
$ cvs co gtk+/gtk

> > (...4025 lines with gint -- what a way to get familiar with the GTK
> > source tree)
> I did it for GDK, it isn't all that bad; you just open all the header
> files in Emacs, and anytime a function signature contains "gint" that
> should be "gboolean" you change it in both the header and the .c
> file. Sometimes you also have to fix indentation (you probably want
> the egtk-format-protos Emacs macro, if you use Emacs, appended to this
> mail). it unnecessary to change functions' local variables from
gint to gboolean, when appropriate? Is it okay if I do this?

Also, sometimes the function prototypes aren't in the header file
(see gtkaccellabel.c for instance). Should they be moved to the
respective .h? If so, should I move them, as I'm there anyways?

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