Re: TODO: Improve Submenu Navigation

	I've created a GIMP image of your screenshot which I found at:

	It seems to me that the area I have darkened on the picture would
be a better candidate for what you have in mind.  In other words, as long
as the mouse does not leave the item's area, or stays inside of the
darkened area, the sub-menu will still be around.  (Of course, even if it
leave the darkened area, the sub menu will stay around in most
cases...  It's only if you select another menu item outside of the
darkened area that the menu will disappear.)

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Kim McCall wrote:

> I'm interested in volunteering to work on the "Improve Submenu
> Navigation" TODO item.
> I'm a very competent programmer with absolutely no experience developing
> for Linux.  I've been rooting around a bit in the source as well as
> considering what the new behavior should be.  I've put together a web
> site to describe what I'm thinking and planning.  (Since this is my
> first Linux/GTK/GNOME project, I've developed a test app to hone my
> skills a bit and to test out my ideas once I start changing the menu
> code.)
> Please check out
> and give me any feedback you think I need.
> Do I just continue developing, or is there some kind of
> assignment/delegation process?  Is there any menu guru I should run
> ideas past to avoid getting too far off track?
> Thanks,
> Kim McCall


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